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We love discussing employee engagement with you in person! This is where you'll find our upcoming conferences and events.

Innovation Week: Demo Days

November 21st and 22nd, 2023 | Calgary

Each year, Innovation Week (which runs from Nov 15th to the 23rd 2023) helps you explore the latest developments in Calgary's tech and innovation space. This year, Blaze will have an exhibitor booth at Platform Calgary as part of Demo Days! 


Over the course of two days you will have a chance to ask us questions, learn more about Blaze Performance, and have the chance to win a free box set of "Get CLEAR Living", our brand new, expert-created personal development guides. If you want to stop by and say hello, our booth will be in the East Annex of the building. Parking is available onsite.

Exhibitor List

Blaze Performance, 10Adventures, ActiveDEMAND, Buoyancy Works, Carbon Cred, CEC Analytics, Clavis Studio, Cratic Ai, Digital Carbon Bank, emTek Canada Inc., Erode AI, Fledge, Fuse Financial, Highway Innovation Inc., Hive, Howly Inc, itagtip Inc., JL13 Concepts Inc, Local Eats, MedEssist, Mode Software Inc., Myntex, Noyan Gas, OceanML, PAWSitive PetStarz Inc., Privacy Horizon Inc, Quack, Reeltro Inc., Rukbe Inc., Smobler, Threshold UAV,, Woveo, and Yield Exchange

Velocity Showcase Pitch

November 14th, 2023 | Calgary

The Velocity Showcase Pitch event marks the end of a weeks-long Alberta Catalyzer program where local Calgary startups receive tailored coaching and expert advice from expert advisors. It is a fantastic way to celebrate the improvement made by the cohort companies, where each of the startup founders will complete a live pitch on the KPMG pitch stage at Platform Calgary.


As Blaze Performance completes this program, we are excited to show members of the community what we have been working hard on building. This event runs from 4:00 pm - 8:30pm. Stop by for networking, live pitches, and food and drinks! Parking is available onsite.

Companies Pitching

Blaze Performance, EarthMMO, Hygge Energy, Optave, PartyLabz, Passingon, Plus 5XP, Ref Buddy, and Wi-Tech

Western Cities HR Conference

October 4th, 5th, & 6th, 2023 | Edmonton

This year's Western Cities HR Conference theme is "Elevate HR: For Public Sector Human Resource Professionals" and aims to continue its legacy as a "one-of-a-kind experience that brings together talented and influential leaders and professionals".


The conference spans three days and will showcase 18 exhibitors as well as a diverse group of keynote and breakout session speakers covering topics like employee mental health, work-life boundaries, and neurodiversity in the workplace.

We are so excited to announce that Blaze Performance Canada will be attending this year's conference as an exhibitor - meaning we will have a booth and prizes for you to win! Come stop by to chat with our Co-Founder, Rick Timlick, and COO Danielle Dansereau about how Blaze can help you navigate employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Exhibitor List

Canoe/Lane Quinn, Wellness Works Canada, AMHSA, Prepared for Duty Recruitment Service Inc., Preferred Massage Therapy, Richardson Executive, Dentons, Money Coaches, Avanti, Keldar Leadership, StarGarden, ScoutTalent, Blaze Performance, Homewood Health, Talent Map, Padraig, AB Muni’s, Telus Health

Speaker List

Dr. James Makokis & Anthony Johnson, Pam August, Colleen Madsen, Roy Pogorzelski, Dr. Matthew Chow, Alison Walsh, Jeff Simpson, Kelly Falardeau, Lorne Epstein, Julie Develin, Anjali Aman, Janice Otremba, William Goldbloom, Brenda Robinson, Ruthann Weeks, Steve Bridge, Linda Maul, Marguerite LeBlanc, Rochelle Ignacio, Shane Spraggs

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