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From Good to Great: Becoming a Top Employer Involves Understanding and Accountability

So you want to be a top employer. As a leader, are you showing up in a way that your employees value, or are you only doing what you value?

TLDR? Don’t overthink it: you can start to empower your employees today by committing to practicing accountability and showing your understanding for their needs.


As a leader, you want to inspire your people, not demotivate them. But where can you start?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed during your workday with so many sources telling you how to be a better leader. Perhaps you are overthinking what you need to do to empower your employees.

Our best advice? Don’t overcomplicate your leadership efforts by distracting yourself from the basics.

Today, we’re exploring a very simple starting point for better leadership: being understanding towards your employees work and life experiences, and holding yourself accountable to your words.


Are You Really Listening?

It is important as a leader to be understanding of your employees, their opinions, their circumstances, their personal and career goals, and so on.

Why? Because today, employees often care less about the company they work for and more about the people they work with, including their leadership team.

If leaders are too busy or cold to connect with their people, this does not go unnoticed. Eventually, you’ll wind up with a big problem when employees leave to work elsewhere because they do not feel heard or seen by their leadership.

If your organization is truly aiming to be a “top employer”, then you and your leadership team have to put in the work and earn that title by showing some empathy and really listening to your employees, especially when they are asking to be heard.


Practice What You Preach

Another way to earn that “top employer” reputation? Practice what you preach.

For many employees, there is nothing worse than a leader who does not hold themselves accountable to the same standards that they hold for everyone else.

Here are 3 accountability tips:

1. Determine what accountability looks like for you. What specific actions will your employees value most in terms of leadership holding each other accountable?

2. Make sure your employees see that you can own up to your mistakes and shortcomings, because honesty goes a long way. Fostering a culture of honesty starts with you, and can help ensure no one will hold back information for fear of being scrutinized or punished.

3. Avoid overcommitting on your calendar or being too optimistic about your workload and what you can reasonably get done. When you are able to follow through on your word consistently, it shows that you are reliable and trustworthy as a leader: when you say something, you mean it.



By implementing these simple tips, you can create an environment where your employees feel valued, heard, and supported, ultimately leading to higher employee satisfaction and retention. Remember, becoming a top employer is a journey, and it starts with understanding and accountability.

Your leadership path may look different than others, but all great leaders should share foundational principles such as these to really earn their employees’ respect and trust, leading to a more engaged, motivated workforce.


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