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About Us

We believe businesses can achieve better employee engagement and retention. We're passionate about helping people create real, lasting change.

Our History

We are motivated to change the way companies think about their employees, and how they collaborate with and learn from them. Our goal is that organizations who recognize the importance of employee experience and feedback can easily make it a priority in their own processes.

We worked hard to ensure that our solution was scientifically sound and backed by latest business research. Our partners from Harvard Business School have helped us develop a way to easily create and monitor harmony between the components companies most often struggle to find balance with: engagement, productivity, and retention.

Ensuring organizations have what they need to properly appreciate their people means that those talented people are more likely to stay at their organization. We want a win-win situation for everyone in the organization.

Blaze Team

Meet the Blaze Team

​Our team has over 20 years of experience in change management, and in individual, team and organizational performance.​ We love what we do and are so grateful to be able to work closely with businesses to create cultures that excel.

Rick Timlick

Co-Founder & CEO

  • Rick Timlick on LinkedIn

Chandra Mannix

Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor

Jennifer Dearborn


  • Jennifer Dearborn on LinkedIn

Rudi van den Broek

Strategic Advisor

  • Rudi van den Broek on LinkedIn

Danielle Dansereau

Chief Operating Officer

  • Danielle Dansereau on LinkedIn

Sophia Truscott

Marketing Director

  • Sophia Truscott on LinkedIn

Hon Yau

Project Manager

  • Hon Yau on LinkedIn

Jason Wilcox

Project Manager

  • Jason Wilcox on LinkedIn

Covi Law

Executive Assistant

Kent Vaughn


  • Kent Vaughn on LinkedIn

David Williams


Denny Knipp

Chief Technology Officer

  • Denny Knipp on LinkedIn

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a culture within organizations where people are at the center of all achievement; we do this by guiding leaders through their most challenging transitions, and harnessing data-driven insights to allow for a deeper understanding of human dynamics.

Our Vision

We envision a world of inspired organizations that place people at the heart of every solution, where they are prepared for the future and are actively shaping it.

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