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Blaze Digital Compass

Empower your organization with the Blaze Digital Compass, a comprehensive solution that enables you to understand your employees' needs, improve engagement, and reduce turnover.

Real-Time Sentiment Analysis

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Gain invaluable insights into your workforce's emotions and perspectives with our innovative 3-second sentiment button. Address concerns, foster positivity, and enhance employee satisfaction.

Real-Time Performance Management

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Foster a healthy workplace culture by strengthening communication and collaboration. Empower employees to share their insights and suggestions through text response.

Organizational, Individual, & Team Alignment

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Stay aligned on important organizational goals, and help your people achieve their individual and team goals. Record your actions and earn points on a leaderboard.

+ In-Person and Virtual Consulting Add-Ons

Leaders love our app design


The application of typical elements of a game create the maximum amount of engagement in an activity. 

Positive Psychology

A positive mindset is proven to improve every single business outcome.

Social Media

Build relationships, stay connected & collaborate. Provide a platform for safe expression and feedback.

Keep tabs on how your people feel about work

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Easily monitor key metrics with real-time, visual data.

Why Choose Blaze?

Easy to use

Scientific design

Save money

Seamless integration

Customized experience

Attentive Support

Boost your performance

Predict your organization’s future performance, see how engaged your employees are, and detect problems before talent leaves.


The artificial intelligence and business analytics running in the background of our tech tool will give you the most important data about your team, department and company.


No more guessing. Boost revenue, employee satisfaction, retention, and innovation.

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